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Dr. Kelly O’Donnell- CEO/Consulting Psychologist, Member Care Associates Inc.
Healthy Humans and Healthy Sexuality, January 3, 2012

Be encouraged and be transformed! This is the hope-filled message which Jim Vander Spek resolutely presents for those desiring sexual healing and healthy sexuality in his book, Overcoming Lust. Jim competently explores the ensnaring nature of lust and the freeing wisdom of Scripture. He aptly describes how “victory” in our thoughts and behaviours is not just a Scriptural ideal or a naïve platitude but rather an obtainable goal that brings us into a closer relationship with God and others. Through many stories, personal examples, practical advice, and solid Biblical exegesis, he describes how we can overcome lust and break the hold of sexual sin. I appreciate the helpful blend of both encouragement and exhortation to walk in the light–being honest with ourselves and transparent with others–as we pursue sexual wholeness. Also helpful are the timely “challenges” interspersed throughout each chapter reflecting Jim’s desire to support readers with the tough love needed to really grow.

Jim minces no words in describing how habitual sexual sin destroys the beauty of our human sexuality, replacing it with a haunting, incapacitating bondage. Like any addiction, it cannot be overcome by sheer will power, by oneself, or by self-admonitions to change. He clearly describes how healing is a process that takes time and discipline, strict accountability, utter honesty, close friends, tight controls (such as with the internet), understanding emotional and environmental triggers, and learning and relearning healthy behaviours. Permeating the healing process is the central role of Scripture. “Do not dodge what Jesus said about lust. Jesus intends to set you free and has told you exactly what that requires.” (p. 140)

I highly recommend this book to everyone wanting to prevent or overcome sexual bondage and for those who informally or professionally help others. It provides a much-needed corrective to the prevailing thought that addictions are something we simply must “live with but try not to act on.” A huge thank you, Jim, for sharing your life, healing principles and the Scriptures with us. May your excellent work encourage and help transform all who read it!

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