Mike Yorkey

Mike Yorkey   Author, Editor, Speaker,  Co-Author of Every Man’s Battle

Tough Topic, But Must Be Addressed  January 5, 2012

How many guys would raise their hands if asked in public if they have a problem with ogling women or undressing them with their eyes? The answer is only a few brave souls. Yet as the co-author of “Every Man’s Battle,” this issue hits home for every guy. Jim Vander Spek has labored more than five years to give all men a valuable resource with “Overcoming Lust.” His transparency is amazing and his advice is rock solid. If you’ve been looking for ways to combat those “sexual buzzes” that come your way–and sometimes that’s nearly impossible to escape living in this sexualized culture, then get a copy of Jim’s book today. You don’t have to live another day in sexual bondage and you can experience God’s grace in a wonderful way. This book is highly recommended.

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