Pastor Jeff Jackson

Pastor Jeff Jackson – Director of Church Relations and Missionary Care, Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators 

Crucial clarity and practical, life-changing truth., January 10, 2012

In “Overcoming Lust”, Jim Vander Spek has been incredibly transparent about his own struggles with pornography and sexual sin and how God has given him decisive victory. As a pastor for more than 25 years, I’ve walked alongside and ministered to dozens of men that have been enslaved by pornography and various forms of sexual sin. And yes, I have read many of the Christian books that have been written in an attempt to help men be set free from this amazingly destructive sin. “Overcoming Lust” may just be the most useful tool I’ve found thus far.

Jim’s definition of “lust”, it’s distinction from “sexual desire” and the connection “sexual desire” has with a “holy” or “unholy” sexual “buzz”, are insights that I haven’t seen in the other publications I’ve read on the subject. When you add in his unique and thought-provoking perspective on Romans 7, very practical advice on using and memorizing scripture, and a fresh view of accountability with other men, before you even finishing reading, I believe you’ll rejoice along with me at this latest expression of God’s grace towards His people….especially men of God!

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