Pastor Paul Grimes

Pastor Paul Grimes Director Mission Connection, Inc

This book is a Breath of Fresh Air  February 27, 2012

Jim Vander Spek has done a remarkable job of dealing with a subject that is so prevalent in our society today. The problem of sexual lust has caused incredible pain to many faithful wives who have suffered in silence while loving their mates. This book tells their story as well. As one who has counseled many men and their wives who are going through, or have gone through, infidelity, pornography obsession, and various other sexual sins, this book by Jim is a breath of fresh air. This will be a tool for all counselors who work with people caught up with sexual lust addition. I was very impressed with the 14 weapons that Jim recommended for Overcoming Lust. These weapons are powerful and Jim did a tremendous job of analyzing each one, and each one is fully supported by scripture references . Jim’s personal testimony gives credibility to the subject, but he does not leave those who are caught up in lust in their sin, he points them to the answers in God’s word!

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